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Privacy Policy

Effective: December 13. 2016.


This privacy policy applies to visitors of website (our website) and users of Gymaholic iPhone and Apple Watch application (Gymaholic app, Gymaholic). It may be modified from time to time. The latest version is always available on website, in the menu of Privacy Policy. Gymaholic team (we) are always glad to help you if you have any questions.

By using our website you do not need to give any information (no registration). By using the Gymaholic app you don't need to give any information (no registration), but you can use some features that require your permission to reach your data. Please find detailed information below:

1. HealthKit

Gymaholic can be connected to the Health app. You have to enable the connection and select which data you share with Gymaholic. This option provides you an easy way for syncing your data between Gymaholic and the Health app, so you can take advantage of all Gymaholic features that require your permission and see these data in the Health app and Gymaholic app, too. With the same permissions the Apple Watch app shares data with the activity app, so users of the Apple Watch app can fill the circles and get achievements while using the Gymaholic watch app.

All data that you share with Gymaholic or you create with Gymaholic will be saved on your device and in your iCloud, when you use our backup feature.

Synced data can be:

1.1 Workout data

- Gymaholic shares these data with the Health app: Workout type, Duration, Start time, End time, Date, Workout name, Total active energy (Kcal), Average heart rate (bpm).

- You also find these data in the Gymaholic app: in the History menu and in statistics

1.2 Heart Rate

- Gymaholic can read your Heart Rate samples via the Health app. While tracking with Gymaholic iPhone app you can use any devices that sends data to Health app, Gymaholic will display your heart rate on the tracker screen, and you'll also see it in the History and in statistics. Gymaholic Apple Watch app reads HR values directly from the watch and displays it on the tracker screen of the watch app.

- On Apple Watch heart rate alerts can be set to alert you when you hit the limits.

- On iPhone in the History menu you can analyze the HR samples and see which exercise caused you the highest HR.

1.3 Calories

- Gymaholic shares the data with the Health app. The iPhone app calculates calories, the Apple Watch app uses the calories calculated by the watch.

- Calories will be displayed on the tracker screen of the iPhone app and the Apple Watch app, too. And they will be available in the History menu, and in workout statistics.

1.4 Bodyweight

- Gymaholic pulls your bodyweight from the Health app. You can manage your bodyweight using Gymaholic, please note that deleting bodyweight from Gymaholic Scales will delete bodyweight from the Health app, too.

2. Other systems

You can enable Gymaholic to share data with other systems. Set permission in Gymaholic to each app, that you would like to share with. Before sharing please check other system's Privacy Policy.

When you give permission to Gymaholic to share with other systems, Gymaholic will store your workout data to be able to present it to the chosen system.

By using our website and the Gymaholic app you are agree to the Privacy Policy and all revision. If you do not agree do not use our website or the Gymaholic app.

Collected information

In order to provide you services we do not ask personal information directly. When you use some functions of the Gymaholic app (sharing workout with other systems), you have to be signed in to your other systems and you have to give permission to the Gymaholic app. In order to be able to provide you with a sharing option on Facebook, we have to store your Facebook name, your e-mail on Facebook, your Facebook url and ID.

We log non-personally-identifiable information including IP address, aggregate user data, and browser type, from users and visitors of our website. We use these data to manage the website: to analyze statistics of usage. User IP addresses are collected because of security and monitoring reasons.

Links to other sites

Gymaholic website may contains links to other, third party websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites. Users must read the privacy policy of that other sites.

Protection of personal data

In order to protect your personal data and all other information we have stored we protect our server(s) with security measures and with limitation of access.

Changes of Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy can be changed anytime. You will be informed about the changes on this website. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime via e-mail: